Caravan & Trailer ATM Upgrades

Are you loading up your caravan for long trips? If so, it’s worth making sure your caravan is safe and legal for towing with your heavy loads.

An ATM upgrade is a process that increases your caravan’s weight carrying capacity to accommodate additional load, stay within legal limits and avoid vehicle damage or injury.

This is achieved by upgrading suspension components that are certified by a Vehicle Engineer.

DAPCO Bunbury can inspect your caravan to determine if your caravan is compatible for a ATM upgrade, and will provide you with a quote for the modifications that can be made to give the caravan a higher ATM rating.

You should consider a ATM upgrade on your caravan if you are:

What is the process for upgrading my caravan ATM with DAPCO?

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Caravan ATM Upgrade FAQs ATM Caravan FAQs

To get more payload (weight carrying capacity). The payload is the legal amount of weight that you are allowed to fit inside your caravan and it is common for caravans to have small payloads.

With increased accessories in caravans, combined with the supplies required for long and remote Australian travel, the manufacturers payload is often simply not enough sometimes.  

Anyone who wants more payload would benefit from a caravan payload upgrade. Those who have purchased a second hand caravan or those who want to add more accessories should strongly consider the weight carrying capacity of the vehicle before heading off on a trip.

Often caravan owners add accessories without the consideration of the weight of the caravan.  For example, heavy items like additional batteries and solar panels that enable off the grid trips add significant weight to the caravan. If you have a caravan that has additional items like these, or are looking to add these yourself, it is important to make sure the caravan will be within the legal weight when you next travel.

That depends on your caravan. The first step is to inspect your caravan and determine what (if anything) needs to be modified.

If you’re a regular caravanner you should also consider having your tow vehicle checked to ensure it is legally capable of towing your caravan. Have a read of our article “What happens if you tow a caravan that is too heavy for your vehicle?” for more information on what can happen if your tow vehicle suspension is not up to scratch.  We can conduct a suspension check on your vehicle to give you peace of mind.

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