Premier Stockist and Installer of Seaton Suspension Anti-Roll Bars for MDC Campers in Bunbury

At DAPCO Bunbury, we understand the importance of safety and stability when towing your MDC camper. That’s why we proudly stock and install Seaton Suspension’s Anti-Roll Bars, a crucial component for any caravan towing setup.

With the goal of enhancing your towing experience, these bars provide increased stability and control, ensuring a safer, more comfortable journey.

Anti-roll bar kits are available for:


Enhancing your MDC Caravans stability

The Seaton Suspension Anti-Roll Bar plays a pivotal role in your caravan’s handling:

Outcomes of installing an anti-roll bar into your camper

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MDC Anti-Roll Bar FAQs Before using Seaton Suspension’s Anti-Roll Bars on your caravan, consider the following:

  • Check if your vehicle is suitable in size, weight, and performance for towing.
  • Ensure correct load rating and type, and experiment with tyre pressures when loaded.
  • Verify if your suspension is adjusted for the extra load.
  • Check if the tow hitch is at the correct height when loaded.
  • Ensure the load is correctly distributed (front/central/rear).
  • Confirm the loaded weight is within the maximum specified limit.
  • Check the suitability of tyre load rating and construction type, and adjust pressures accordingly.
  • Ensure the tow hitch is at the correct height when loaded.

 Seaton Suspension Anti-Roll Bars are specifically designed to fit certain models of Market Direct Campers. They are compatible with the XT14, XT16 Island, XT16 East West, and XT16 Bunk Van models. To ensure the best fit and performance, we recommend consulting with our experts at DAPCO Bunbury, especially if you own one of these specific caravan models. Our team can provide tailored advice and professional installation for these Market Direct Campers models.

 Professional installation is recommended for optimal performance and safety. Our team at DAPCO Bunbury can ensure that the Anti-Roll Bars are installed correctly and efficiently.

Disclaimer: As each tow vehicle and caravan combination is unique, we do not take responsibility for individual performance outcomes.

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