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Common Exhaust Issues

Here are some of the most common exhaust issues that we can assist with.

Many modern vehicles have oxygen sensors which can malfunction and confuse your engine’s computer. If your oxygen sensor gives out, the engine’s computer can’t correctly balance air-fuel mixtures to run efficiently. This can cause a clog in your catalytic converter and lead to further damage.

If you regularly drive on rough roads, your exhaust system may not last as long as it normally would. Driving in these conditions can lead to weak joints, cracks and leak poisonous fumes into the passenger cabin. If you notice unusual smells when driving, seek an inspection.

Depending on the colour of the smoke there could be different reasons. Blue smoke usually indicates oil burning in the combustion chamber. Black smoke usually indicates excess burning of fuel, and white or grey smoke can indicate coolant burning in the combustion chamber.

If you are known to take shorter trips, your system might be more susceptible to rust. Short trips frequently let water vapor collect in the exhaust system, but don’t get it hot enough to burn off. Gradually this condensation will turn to rust and corrode your exhaust from the inside out.

Increased engine noise can be the first noticeable sign of an exhaust leak. The exhaust leak is most likely to occur in the system’s manifold or in the joints along the exhaust system.

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