Steering inspection, repairs and service

A regular suspension and steering service will ensure comfort and safety of your vehicle. Most modern cars are equipped with power steering which commonly use hydraulic systems and fluids to operate. Overtime power steering fluid will break down, and this can cause premature wear of vital parts.  

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Common Steering Issues

Here are some of the most common steering issues that we can assist with.

If you have difficulty turning the wheel especially at rest or lower speeds, this may be caused by a problem with power steering such as low power steering fluid, a fluid leak or worn parts.

If you experience lack of response from your steering wheel or looseness, this can be caused by worn parts in the steering system.

Steering vibrations and shaking can get worse over time, when turning, or at high speed. Extreme shaking can make it difficult to control the vehicle and increase the risk of an accident, especially at high speeds.

When your vehicle struggles to maintain a straight course and tends to steer towards the left or right. This makes it difficult for you to maintain control, and increases the likelihood of an accident.

This can be a sign of a steering gear issue, or be related to worn or damaged parts.

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