Lift Kits vs. GVM Upgrades

Posted In: Suspension

Hey there, fellow adventurer! If you’re like us at DAPCO Bunbury, you know there’s nothing like gearing up your 4WD for the next off-road challenge.

As a South West’s Pedders Authorised Dealer, we will unpack our insights on lift kits and GVM upgrades, featuring Pedders’ top-notch undercar parts and suspension solutions. Whether you’re looking to elevate your ride or boost its carrying capacity, we’ve got you covered with Pedders’ extensive range of replacement and upgrade parts.

Why Consider a Lift Kit?

Ready to raise the bar on your 4WD’s performance and appearance? Lift kits do more than just make your vehicle look formidable; they’re crucial for navigating challenging terrain and protecting your underbelly from the rough and tumble of the wild.

Pedders’ suspension lift kits, tailored for a wide array of 4x4s and SUVs, offer customisable options to fit your specific needs, including different spring rates and specialised Upper Control Arms.

Whether you opt for Pedders 2-inch or 4-inch Lift Kits equipped with Gas Pressurised or Foam Cell Shock Absorbers, you’re equipping your ride for the ultimate balance between off-road resilience and on-road comfort.

Learn more about our Lift Kit services here.

GVM Upgrades: Carry More, With Confidence

For those pushing their vehicles to the brink with heavy loads, stepping into GVM upgrades is a game-changer. It’s about legally and safely enhancing your vehicle’s load-bearing capabilities without sacrificing performance.

Pedders’ GVM+ Upgrade kits come to the rescue for vehicles that struggle under the weight of constant heavy loads, offering a federally approved solution for increasing both Gross Vehicle Mass and payload capacity. The kits include robust suspension components like springs and Foam Cell Shock Absorbers, designed to shoulder extra weight effortlessly. For those heavy haulers, or rigs decked out with serious accessories, Pedders provides peace of mind and unmatched performance.

Check out the vehicles we have GVM upgrade kits for here.

Why Choose Pedders at DAPCO Bunbury?

As South West’s Pedders Authorised Dealer, DAPCO Bunbury is your destination for all things lift kits and GVM upgrades. We not only stock but expertly fit Pedders’ comprehensive range of undercar parts and car suspension, ensuring your 4WD is adventure-ready.

Whether you’re elevating for enhanced clearance and off-road capability or fortifying for increased load-carrying capacity, Pedders and DAPCO Bunbury have the solutions to meet and exceed your needs.

Ready to Transform Your Ride?

If you’re contemplating an upgrade or have questions about optimising your 4WD, look no further. Together with Pedders, we at DAPCO Bunbury are here to assist.

Reach out to us, and let’s gear up your vehicle for its next great adventure, fully equipped with Pedders’ leading undercar parts and suspension upgrades. Your 4WD—and your adventurous spirit—are set for an unbeatable journey!