Ford Ranger GVM upgrades

Driving a Ford Ranger? Unlock its full potential with our comprehensive GVM upgrade kits. Whether you drive a PX, PXII, PXIII, or the Next-Gen PY model, we’ve got you covered.

DAPCO Bunbury is licensed as a 2nd stage manufacturer, meaning we can legally increase the weight carrying capacity of eligible Ford Ranger vehicles.

Available Ford Ranger GVM Upgrade Options:

Level One GVM+ Upgrade (For PY,PX, PXII & PXIII Series)

Level Two GVM+ Upgrade (For PXIII Series Only)

Next-Gen GVM+ Upgrade (For PY Models)

Our Ford Ranger GVM Upgrades are:

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GVM FAQs GVM Upgrades in Ford Rangers

What GVM upgrade packages are available at DAPCO?

DAPCO supplies and installs a comprehensive range of GVM upgrade packages tailored specifically for Ford Ranger models including PX, PXII, PXIII, and the Next-Gen PY models.

Will the kits fit my specific Ford Ranger Model?

We can supply and install Ford Ranger GVM Upgrade kits to suit a wide range of models, including but not limited to 2WD Ute C/Chassis, 4WD D/Cab Wildtrak, and many more. You can contact us to find out if a kit is available for your Ford Ranger model.

Why should I consider a GVM upgrade kit for my Ford Ranger?

The GVM upgrade kits enhance the handling of your vehicle, especially when carrying heavy loads. They include heavy-duty components, ensuring substantial improvements over the default factory equipment.

What components are included in the Ford Ranger GVM upgrade kits?

The GVM upgrade kits come equipped with heavy-duty parts like shock absorbers, springs, U/bolts, and many more components designed to optimize your vehicle’s performance.

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