Isuzu D-MAX Gross Vehicle Mass upgrades

DAPCO Bunbury, as a licensed 2nd stage manufacturer, proudly offers comprehensive Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) upgrades for Isuzu D-MAX models, catering to both 2012-2019 and 2019+ versions.

Our GVM+ Upgrades enhance the certified Gross Vehicle Mass rating up to 3450kg, providing a substantial payload boost of up to 600kg. This upgrade is essential for D-MAX owners looking to legally and safely increase their vehicle’s load-carrying capacity.

Enhance Your Isuzu D-MAX’s Capability

Whether you’re gearing up for rugged work tasks or outfitting your D-MAX for the ultimate camping trip, our GVM Upgrades ensure you can load up on essential equipment—be it additional batteries, a camping fridge, drawer systems, or a canopy full of tools—without the worry of exceeding your vehicle’s GVM. 

This modification is not only Federal Government-approved but also legally recognised across all states and territories in Australia. For new vehicles, the upgrade can even be applied pre-registration, making it an ideal addition to brand-new Isuzu D-MAX models.

Our Isuzu D-MAX GVM Upgrades are:

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DAPCO Bunbury offers GVM upgrades for 2012-2019 & 2019+ Isuzu D-MAX models. Contact us here to check if your vehicle is eligible.

The upgrade increases the GVM rating to 3450kg, allowing for an additional payload of up to 600kg.

Yes, our GVM upgrades are Federal Government-approved and legal across all Australian states and territories.

Absolutely, the GVM upgrade can be applied to brand-new Isuzu D-MAX vehicles before registration, making it a seamless process for new vehicle owners.

For more information on our Isuzu D-MAX GVM upgrades or to book your upgrade, contact DAPCO Bunbury today. Enhance your vehicle’s load-carrying capacity and hit the road with confidence.

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