Mazda BT-50 Gross Vehicle Mass upgrades

Looking for a GVM upgrade for your Mazda BT-50 models 2011-2019 & 2020-onwards?

Legally increase the payload capacity of your BT-50  to accommodate accessories such as a bullbar, dual battery setup or camp fridge, without the risk of overloading the vehicle.

DAPCO Bunbury is licensed as a 2nd stage manufacturer, meaning we can legally increase the weight carrying capacity of eligible Mazda BT-50 vehicles.

Legally increase your BT-50 GVM rating, for greater load-carrying capability and enhanced handling:

Our Mazda BT-50 GVM Upgrades are:

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GVM FAQs BT-50 GVM Upgrade FAQs

What’s included in the Mazda BT-50 GVM upgrade kit?

Your vehicle will have new heavy-duty suspension parts installed which include:

  • Foam cell stuts
  • Coil springs
  • Foam cell shock absorbers
  • Rear leaf springs
  • Rear U/bolts and shackle pins
  • Leaf eye bush kit
  • Rear lower & upper bush kit

Do I need a GVM upgrade?

If you carry heavy loads for a living, have a serious off-road vehicle fitted with bull bars, winches, long range fuel tanks or are towing a caravan, campers, trailers or horse float then you may be over your legal vehicle weight.

Tradies with tools and service bodies may also want to consider upgrading their vehicle’s GVM.

Is your Mazda BT-50 upgrade legal?

Yes, when the GVM upgrade kit has been installed on your compatible vehicle by our trained technicians, a new compliance plate will be fitted. The new vehicle can now be registered with new increased GVM. This procedure will allow the vehicle to be legally registered and driven in all states of Australia.

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