GVM Upgrade Solution for Toyota LandCruiser 78/79 Series

A GVM upgrade can increase your 78/79 Landcruiser’s’ weight carrying capacity to accommodate extra load, stay within legal limits and avoid vehicle damage or injury.

DAPCO Bunbury is licensed as a 2nd stage manufacturer, meaning we can legally increase the weight carrying capacity of eligible Toyota Landcruiser 78 and 79 Series.

You should consider a GVM upgrade for your Landcruiser 78 or 79 Series if you:

There are two levels of GVM upgrades for 78 or 79 Series Landcruiser:

Key features of our GVM upgrades:

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GVM FAQs Toyota Landcruiser 78 & 79 Series GVM Facts

What 78 & 79 Series Landcruiser models does these kits fit?

Toyota Landcruiser 78 & 79 series Pedders GVM Upgrade kits suit the following models:

  • Workmate Troopcarrier VDJ78R 3 Door SUV
  • GXL Troop Carrier VDJ78R 3 Door SUV, Workmate Troopcarrier VDJ78R, 3 door SUV
  • GXL VDJ79R 4 door Cab Chassis, Workmate VDJ79R 4 Door Cab Chassis
  • GXL VDJ79R 2 door Cab Chassis
  • Workmate VDJ79R 2 Door Cab Chassis.

NOTE: May require upgrade of tyres to a higher load capacity

Do I need to upgrade my GVM?

Without upgrading your vehicles GVM you may be driving a vehicle that doesn’t meet safety regulations or legal requirements.

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