The 5 Best 4×4 Modifications for Off-Road Enthusiasts

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Ready for a thrilling adventure with your four-wheel drive this season? Or maybe you’ve just acquired a new off-roader and are looking to customize it to match your needs?

The possibilities for 4×4 modifications are endless, enhancing its off-road prowess, towing capabilities, and suitability for long-distance tours.

Here are five key 4WD mods to consider:

1. Brake Pads

When we talk about the heart and soul of any ride, the braking system is right up there. Giving those brake pads an upgrade can seriously amp up your 4WD’s stopping power. This isn’t just about short stops in the city—it really shows when you’re hitting the open road with a loaded-up vehicle. More cargo means more weight, and in those “oh snap!” moments, you want your 4WD to halt promptly and safely.

Strong brakes are crucial. If you want improved stopping power, especially when your vehicle’s loaded with gear, it’s time for a brake pad upgrade. And if you’re unsure about your current brakes, it’s a good idea to have them checked. Don’t forget, there’s a whole world of upgrade kits waiting for you which include brake rotors, calipers and rear drum to disc conversion kits for a range of popular 4x4s and Utes.

2. Tyres

Think of tyres as the foundation of your 4WD. Depending on where you’re heading, having the right set can make all the difference. And if you’re going for the long haul, ensure they’re built for endurance.

Don’t forget about wheel alignment. If your wheels aren’t lined up right, it can lead to your tyres wearing out unevenly and even mess with how your vehicle handles on the road.

And if you’re going for the long haul, ensure they’re built for endurance. Need advice on which tyres to pick? We’re here to help.

3. Lift Kit

For those looking to tackle tougher terrains, a lift kit is essential. But it’s not just about looks—it’s about performance. Depending on your vehicle’s weight, the right lift can make a huge difference.

When thinking about a lift kit, always consider the weight your vehicle usually carries. This affects the kind of springs you’ll need—more weight generally means you’ll want stiffer springs. Also, keep in mind that after lifting, it might throw off your wheel alignment. So, you might need some extra bits like control arms and steering parts to get everything back in line.

Lift kits might sometimes mess with your wheel alignment. So, after boosting your ride’s height, you might need to check if you should add some aftermarket control arms and steering bits to get your wheels properly aligned again. Chat with a specialist at DAPCO in Bunbury to ensure you’re choosing the best lift kit for your 4WD.

4. GVM+ Upgrade

Carrying heavy gear? A GVM+ upgrade might be exactly what you need. GVM, or Gross Vehicle Mass, represents the total max weight your 4×4 can legally handle—this includes the vehicle itself, everyone inside, and all the cargo, plus any fixed add-ons. With a GVM+ upgrade, you get to push that limit up, letting you pack in more while staying on the right side of the law.

The beauty of a GVM+ upgrade is its comprehensive approach. It’s not just about letting you carry more weight. In many cases, it means revamping your suspension and brakes so that everything works smoothly.

And for the 4×4 heads who’ve tricked out their rides with heavy gear like beefy bullbars, monster winches, and spacious canopies—you’re the ones who’ll truly appreciate this. Those additions are cool but can eat into how much cargo you can legally carry. GVM+ brings back that capacity.

Once you get the upgrade, you also get an official GVM certification badge on your vehicle. And if you’re wondering whether you’ve maybe loaded up your 4×4 too much in the past, a weight matrix can give you a clearer picture. Try the Pedders weight matrix here.

5. Advanced Coilovers

For the dedicated off-roaders out there, you might want to turn your attention to the Pedders TrakRyder eXtreme Coilovers. Labelled as the pinnacle in 4WD suspension upgrades, these coilovers are crafted for those who demand unmatched control and adaptability from their rigs.

Designed keeping the hardcore 4×4 enthusiasts in mind, these coilovers are not just about rough and tough terrains. They’re just as adept at handling everyday drives, towing tasks, and heavy loads. The unique feature? You can adjust the compression and rebound damping with just a click. Plus, the remote canister design ensures that the oil capacity is maximized, boosting cooling efficiency.

Whether you’re on a trail or just driving around town, these advanced coilovers provide a balanced performance.

Keen to make these upgrades? Drop by DAPCO in Bunbury. We specialize in 4WD mods, ensuring your vehicle’s ready for any adventure!